The Difference Between Being Motivated and Being MotivAided

It happens often. We start a self-improvement project feeling really motivated. But then we fizzle out long before the job is done.

Oh where, oh where does our motivation go?

It sure feels like we have the desire and drive to get the job done. So what goes wrong and, more importantly, what can we do about it?

Enter the MotivAider—The Power to Stay Focused on What Really Motivates You

The MotivAider gives you the motivational staying power you need by automatically keeping your attention focused on the powerful WHYs that motivate you to achieve your goals—WHYs that otherwise easily get lost in the shuffle and do you no good at all. The MotivAider keeps you motivated by keeping your most powerful reasons to change in the spotlight of your awareness.

The motivation behind the MotivAider

Here's how the MotivAider's inventor, Dr. Steve Levinson, used his own invention to keep himself motivated to do all the difficult things he had to do to transform his simple idea into a tangible product that would eventually help people all over the world.

"When I decided to go ahead with the MotivAider project, I realized that this was going to be a huge challenge that would take years of hard work with absolutely no guarantee of success. I had never done anything like this before, and although I certainly wanted to be successful, without any guarantee, I couldn't imagine being able to work hard enough and long enough to have the best possible shot at actually succeeding.

Fortunately, I came across a magazine article that inspired me. The article talked about cheetahs and their favorite meal, gazelle. Cheetahs, of course, run fast—really fast—but so do gazelles. I learned that when cheetahs give it absolutely everything they've got—and they always do—they catch a gazelle only one out of ten times. What inspired me was realizing that if cheetahs paused—as we humans usually do—to seriously consider the odds against them, they would never run fast enough to catch a single gazelle.

The light came on: When the odds are against you, the secret to success is to ignore the odds and run AS IF you're going to catch that gazelle.

I sure liked feeling inspired. But I didn't like how quickly the inspiration started to fade as soon as I began knocking on doors that nobody would answer. So, I decided to put my own invention to the test. I put a crude prototype of the MotivAider in my pocket, and every 10 minutes all day long, every day for weeks, it silently and privately reminded me to be like a cheetah.

I was amazed at how well it worked! Before I knew it, I was not only acting like a cheetah, acting that way had become a habit, and I didn't need the MotivAider anymore.

25 years later, I'm happy to say, that vital success habit the MotivAider helped me build is still alive and well."

— Steve Levinson

Get the ingeniously simple tool that allows you to quickly, easily and privately change your behavior and habits. At $59.50 or less, the MotivAider comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, a 3-year warranty and free lifetime expert support.

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