How and When to Phase Out the MotivAider (Children)

The ultimate aim of MotivAider use is to create a durable self-sustaining habit. The ideal scenario is one in which the benefits a child experiences from consistently taking a desired action naturally reinforce the new behavior, make it self-sustaining, and make continued use of the MotivAider unnecessary.
The more the child experiences immediately rewarding results from engaging in the new behavior — and the less resistance she feels to engaging in it — the more quickly and firmly the new behavior will set. The less immediately rewarding the results are — and the more resistance she feels to engaging in the new behavior — the more challenging it will be to create a self-sustaining habit.

Once a child is consistently doing what the MotivAider is prompting her to do and she's had ample opportunity to experience the benefits of the new behavior, it's time to see whether the change will hold on its own. You do this by gradually phasing out the MotivAider.

Although there are no hard and fast rules about exactly how to phase out the MotivAider, here's a general approach that seems to work well:

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