The MotivAider Gets Results

A Sample of Research Documenting the MotivAider's Effectiveness

Case Studies By Dr. Trina Spencer

Thanks to Dr. Trina Spencer for offering to share her experience with other educators. Her presentation is based on her work with the MotivAider at the Hawthorne Country School in Hawthorne, New York. Dr. Spencer, who is currently Research Director of the Institute for Human Development at Northern Arizona University, presented these results at an Association for Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Conference in 2002.


The MotivAider is a simple electronic device that systematically provides an individual with private prompts to engage in a specific behavior. It is usually worn on or near the body so the vibration is easily detected. It can be programmed to vibrate on a fixed or variable schedule and for different durations and intensity levels.

Some of the benefits of the MotivAider include ownership, consistency, and privacy. The MotivAider was originally intended for self-management interventions. However, this new and innovative tool seems perfect for several other behavior analytic tasks.

The purpose of these projects was to test the social validity and effectiveness of additional MotivAider methods. Surely, such a great tool can be functional for a variety of settings, users, and interventions.

The Projects

Project 1 - MotivAider Prompts Teacher

Project 2 - MotivAider Prompts Teacher to Prompt Student

Project 3 - MotivAider Prompts Observer to Record Data

Project 4 - MotivAider Prompts Parents

Read a review by Nichole ODonnell. ODonnell is a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst and Community Outreach Director for InKids, an organization that provides "educational and therapeutic instruction using the principles of applied behavior analysis for children with autism and related developmental delays."

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The MotivAider is a non-pharmaceutical solution for attention problems
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