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Why the Human Mind Should be Recalled: Exploring the Great Disconnect Between Intention and Action

In this 17 minute narrated slide show based on Dr. Steve Levinson's invited presentation at the 2010 TEDx Memphis conference, Levinson examines the great disconnect between our intentions and our behavior. He not only explains why we so often fail to make the life-improving changes we intend to make, he makes a strong case for considering the great disconnect a fact of life that has enormous implications for what it really takes for us - both as individuals and as a society - to become as good as we can be.

Listen to a 4.5 minute clip from the introduction to the book Following Through

How to Develop a Follow Through plan

Even highly motivated people often fail to do what they truly intend to do. This presentation, which is based on the principles revealed in the book, "Following Through: A Revolutionary New Model for Finisihing Whatever You Start," will teach you how to develop an effective follow through plan for any chosen intention.

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  • Listen to Dr. Levinson's July, 2012 interview by Robert Fischer of the Virginia Institute for Effective Thinking (Audio, 26 minutes). A description and link to this revealing interview about following through will open in a new window.

  • Listen to Chris Cooper, host of the Business Elevation Show on VoiceAmerica Radio, interview Dr. Steve Levinson about Following Through (Audio, 73 minutes). In this February 2011 transatlantic interview, Steve reveals what he's discovered about the vitally important but largely overlooked topic of following through.

  • Listen to Dr. Levinson's October 2011 Interview on VoiceAmerica Business Radio: Beyond Inspiration: Secrets for Transforming Good Intentions into Great Results (Audio, 60 minutes).

  • Listen to Tom Nicoli of Premier Summits Radio Interview Dr. Steve Levinson on "Following Through: Why We Should, Why We Don't, and How We Can. (Sorry, this audio will only play only on devices that are compatible with Adobe Audio Acrobat)

  • The Power To Get Things Done Learn about Dr. Levinson's new book, The Power to Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It or Not).

    Coauthored by UK entrepreneur and business expert, Chris Cooper, and published by Penguin Random House, The Power to Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It or Not) teaches readers strategies for tackling the many unappealing everyday tasks that stand between them and business and career success.

    Listen to a January 2016 interview about the new book.

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