Pete Greider, Co-Author of Following Through

Pete Greider, Co-Author of Following Through Pete Greider is a nationally-recognized expert on the psychology of peak performance.

He spent two seasons (1991-1993) as the sports psychology consultant for the Orlando Magic basketball team. Twice a Million Dollar Round Table main platform speaker, Mr. Greider is a talented communicator, a consultant, and a coach to individual financial advisors, general agents, and corporate leaders in the financial services industry. His client list includes Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Exxon, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, General Electric, and State Farm Insurance Company. He has also appeared as a guest on numerous radio and television shows, including two appearances on ABC's "20/20."

He is currently conducting a major program to train the field management of the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network in the Breakthrough Coaching model that he has created over the last ten years through his work with business people and professional athletes.

Convinced that poor follow through is major factor in the failure of individuals and organizations to achieve their most important goals, Greider has teamed up with psychologist Steve Levinson to develop, test and teach effective follow through strategies. Their book, Following Through, A Revolutionary New Model for Finishing Whatever You Start, was published in October of 1998 by Kensington.

Greider earned a bachelor's degree in Communication from Michigan State University and a master's in Education from the University of New Hampshire.

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