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IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are in the process of developing a brand new MotivAider iPhone app that will replace the current one. Although many users have found the current app to be quite useful, a number of users have reported via reviews that the app doesn't work on their phones. At the urging of satisfied users—many of them teachers—we have continued to make the app available while we work on the new one. We will not be updating the current app, so we encourage you to wait for the new app if you can.

MotivAider® For Mobile allows iPhone users to stay focused and make desired changes in their own behavior and habits.

MotivAider For Mobile replicates much of the functionality of the MotivAider, an ingeniously simple dedicated electronic device that has enabled people of all ages in over 50 countries to quickly and easily make a remarkably wide range of desired changes in behavior and habits. Invented by a clinical psychologist and used successfully in the education, healthcare, business, sports and self-improvement industries for nearly a quarter of century, the MotivAider has an impressive track record of effectiveness.

Although the MotivAider Method is optimally effective when used in conjunction with the dedicated MotivAider device, we developed MotivAider For Mobile so that iPhone users can enjoy some of the benefits of the MotivAider Method without a MotivAider.

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MotivAider® For Mobile Turns Your iPhone Into a Habit Change Tool

MotivAider For Mobile isn't like apps that tell you how to change your behavior and allow you to record your goals and track your progress.

MotivAider For Mobile actually works to change your behavior!

MotivAider For Mobile works privately and automatically to correct for a largely overlooked glitch in the design of the human mind—the lack of a dependable mechanism for keeping good intentions on the front burner. It actually prevents your behavior change intentions from getting lost in the shuffle of a busy world, a busy life and a busy mind.

Easy to Use

MotivAider For Mobile is easy to use. It works in the background to cut through the clutter and keep your attention focused on making any particular change you've decided to make.

That's all there is to it!

You can easily modify your behavior change projects as needed, pause and resume them as you wish, and can even set prompting to automatically stop at a chosen time each day.

We Believe that Simple is Smart

If you're turned on by bells and whistles, flashy features and technical acrobatics that won't actually help you achieve results, MotivAider For Mobile is definitely not for you. We're interested in helping you get great results, which is precisely why we've made a point of avoiding the complexity that often prevents people from making desired behavior changes. MotivAider For Mobile values simplicity and effectiveness over razzle dazzle. It allows you to automatically implement a simple proven method for changing your own behavior.

By the way, MotivAider For Mobile forces you to work on one behavior change project at a time. Why? Because we know you'll get far better results if you do. Once you've made one desired change, you can move on to the next project. There's no limit to the type or number of changes you can use MotivAider For Mobile to help you make.

MotivAider For Mobile is clean, compact and fully self-contained. It requires no internet connection and does not share any personal data.

Free Resources

MotivAider For Mobile users have access to the same free resources developed to help users of the dedicated MotivAider device achieve great results.

How to Get It

MotivAider® For Mobile is available at the iTunes Store

Android phone user? Learn about MotivAider® For Mobile for Android phones
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