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Stay Focused and Change Your Own Behavior and Habits

MotivAider® For Mobile allows Android smartphone users to stay focused and quickly, easily and effectively make desired changes in their own behavior and habits.

MotivAider For Mobile replicates much of the functionality of the MotivAider, an ingeniously simple dedicated electronic device that has enabled people of all ages in over 40 countries to effortlessly make a remarkably wide range of desired changes in behavior and habits. Used in the education, healthcare, business, sports and self-improvement industries for nearly a quarter of century, the MotivAider has a proven track record of effectiveness.

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Turn Your Phone Into a Habit Change Tool

Unlike apps that promise to help you change habits merely by helping you record your goals and track your progress, MotivAider For Mobile is actually the means to change your behavior! It corrects for a largely overlooked glitch in the design of the human mind - the lack of a dependable mechanism for keeping good intentions on the front burner. The app helps you change your behavior by automatically preventing your good intentions from getting lost in the shuffle.

Easy to use, it works privately and automatically to cut through the clutter and keep your attention focused on making any particular change you decide to make. It uses a private vibration prompt to keep reminding you of your behavior change goal.

Why We Developed MotivAider For Mobile

We decided to develop a MotivAider app to introduce smartphone users to the ingeniously simple MotivAider concept. We'd be the first to admit that a phone app is a compromise. On the one hand, it's obviously a matter of convenience to be able to use your cell phone to perform yet another valuable function. On the other hand, because the MotivAider Method relies on conditioning, a truly dedicated behavior change device, the MotvAider, is required to achieve maximum benefit. Nevertheless, we think Android phone owners will be impressed with how easily this simple app will allow them to make desired changes in their behavior and habits and experience some of the same benefits that MotivAider users enjoy.

Easy to Use

MotivAider For Mobile is easy to use.
  1. Just decide on a desired behavior and devise a brief personal message that will remind and urge you to engage in that behavior.
  2. Choose a vibration pattern to use as your private prompt and decide how often to receive prompts - from as often as once a minute to as seldom as once every 4 hours.
  3. Simply associate your personal message with the vibration prompt so that whenever you feel the selected vibration pattern, you'll automatically think your personal message.
That's all there is to it! You can easily modify your behavior change projects as needed, pause and resume them as you wish, and can even set prompting to automatically start and stop at chosen times each day.

We Believe that Simple is Smart

If you're turned on by bells and whistles and impressive features that won't actually help you achieve results, you won't like this app. The app is not designed to dazzle users with technical acrobatics. It's designed to provide you with the simplest and most effective way to change your behavior. It draws on years of experience to cut through the clutter and complexity that can actually prevent you from making desired behavior changes. It does no more—and no less—than it must do to help you achieve your goals.

By the way, MotivAider For Mobile forces you to concentrate on making just one change at a time. That's because we know from years of experience and research that that's how you'll get the best possible results.

The MotivAider For Mobile app is clean, compact and fully self-contained. It requires no internet connection and does not share any personal data.

Free Resources

MotivAider For Mobile users have access to the same free resources developed to help MotivAider users achieve great results.


PRO Version

A PRO Version of MotivAider For Mobile is also available. PRO is designed for users who can benefit from the following advanced capabilities:
  • Able to send prompts at random or regular intervals
  • Able to send prompts as often as every few seconds
  • Able to send prompts at fully custom rather than pre-selected time intervals
  • Able to send audible tone prompts (if desired) in addition to vibration prompts.
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How to Get MotivAider® For Mobile

MotivAider® For Mobile for Android smartphones is available at Google Play.

The PRO Version of MotivAider® For Mobile is also available at Google Play.

iPhone User? Learn about MotivAider for iPhone.
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