Improve Your Golf Game!

How the MotivAider Can Improve Your Golf Game

You probably already know a great deal about how to play better golf. But, honestly, how much of what you know do you actually put into practice consistently?

If you're like most golfers, you typically waste much of the knowledge you have. That's because the mind is a very busy place! And it's hard to stay sharply focused on the knowledge you need to do your best.

What often happens is that the knowledge you need doesn't show up until after you needed it — after the damage has already been done!

It Focuses Your Attention Where it Belongs

Harness the power of focused attention

The MotivAider works by keeping your mind riveted on virtually anything you know that can improve your performance.

You decide what knowledge you need to do your best. The MotivAider will automatically keep it on the front burner of your mind so it's there when you need it — not when it's already too late.

"The MotivAider reminded me to keep my head down, go slow on the backswing, and stop before I come down again. I shot 10 strokes less than I ever did before!"
— Bill Priedeman, Sales Manager

Focused Attention — AUTOMATICALLY!

Worn like a pager on your waistband or carried in a pocket, the MotivAider periodically sends you a private signal — an adjustable pulsing vibration — to automatically zero your attention in on virtually any aspect of golf performance you decide to improve.

It's Amazingly Easy to Use

Just choose a performance-improving habit to build, such as keeping your head over the ball. Then set the MotivAider to send you signals as often as you want to call your attention to that particular performance objective. The MotivAider automatically sends you a steady stream of private reminders to cut through the clutter and keep you sharply focused on your chosen objective.

"I've used the MotivAider with beginners and touring pros alike and have found it to be an ingeniously simple and remarkably effective tool for learning new skills both on the course and off. Thanks to the MotivAider, my students will be able to take their pro home with them!"
— Richard Cormier, Jr., Golf Pro

With the MotivAider onboard, you can't forget! And because you'll always remember to do things the right way, before you know it, doing things the right way will become second nature. And when it does, you can use your MotivAider to turn your next performance objective into a lasting performance-improving habit.

Get the ingeniously simple tool that quickly, easily and privately changes behavior and habits. At $59.50 or less, the MotivAider comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, a 3-year warranty and free lifetime expert support.
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"Quite simply, I was astounded by its simplicity and the practical value of the device for learning new skills."

— Dr. Jim Taylor, Sports Psychologist

"... a very powerful tool."

— Dr. Robert Nideffer, Sports Psychologist