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About Behavioral Dynamics

The Company

The MotivAider makes it easy to change habitsBehavioral Dynamics, Inc. is a privately-owned, proudly small, intensely focused company that was founded in 1987 to develop, manufacture and market the MotivAider®

Today, the MotivAider remains our one and only product. Nourished by a steady supply of positive feedback from grateful MotivAider users around the world, we are as fiercely committed as ever to helping people of all ages change their habits quickly, easily and privately.

Behavioral Dynamics is always eager to develop relationships with individuals and organizations who share our vision and would like to join us in making the MotivAider available to as many people as possible who can benefit from it. Become a MotivAider Reseller or Affiliate


The Inventor: Dr. Steve Levinson

Dr. Steve Levinson, inventor of the MotivAiderDr. Levinson was born and raised in New York City. He earned a bachelors degree in psychology from Queens College of the City University of New York and a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Rochester.

After completing his training, Levinson moved to Minnesota to develop and direct an innovative rural mental health program that flourished under his leadership for thirty-five years.

Levinson has devoted his career to helping people stay focused, change their habits, and follow through on their good intentions. In the early 1980's, he discovered a design flaw in the human mind that causes even highly motivated people to waste much of the time, energy, money and hope they invest in self-improvement. Levinson's discovery led him to create the MotivAider — an ingeniously simple tool that uses what's wrong with the mind to make the mind work better.

In 1998, Levinson teamed up with peak performance consultant, Peter Greider, to write Following Through: A Revolutionary New Model For Finishing Whatever You Start. Now in its second edition, this critically-acclaimed book is based on Levinson's groundbreaking discovery about the paradoxical way the mind treats good intentions.

Co-founder of Behavioral Dynamics, Inc., Levinson retired from his healthcare position in 2008 to concentrate his full-time efforts on supporting MotivAider users worldwide.



Behavioral Dynamics' Customer Service Manager

Teresa, Our Customer Service Manager

Teresa not only has over thirty years of customer service experience, she knows the MotivAider inside out. (Heck, she was there when the MotivAider was born and has played a vital role in raising and nurturing it.) She's absolutely dedicated to making certain that every MotivAider user gets exceptional service.



Behavioral Dynamics' Honorary Marketing Director

Waldo, Our Honorary Marketing Director

A proud and highly MotivAided member of our team, Waldo
is known for his dogged determination and uncanny ability
to sniff out new opportunities. Unlike many marketing
professionals, Waldo hardly ever barks up the wrong tree.
Oh yes, and he's the only member of our management team
who wears a tie.