Change behavior and habits with the Gen5 MotivAider

Meet the MotivAider

The MotivAider® is a remarkably simple personal electronic device that enables people of all ages to quickly, easily and privately make desired changes in their own behavior and habits.

The MotivAider is not a passing fad. Invented by a clinical psychologist, it's a serious behavior change tool with an impressive track record that spans nearly three decades. It's already helped thousands of people in over 50 countries make an extraordinarily wide range of behavioral changes.

Change habits with the Gen5 MotivAider


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What MotivAider Users Say

“A work of genius.”

“It is simple and hugely effective.”

“I have been using it for years to stay on track and remain focused.”

“It's an ingenious product that solves a big problem of how to cope with distractions in a wonderfully simple way.”

“It is an amazing device.”

“I would give it ten stars if I could.”

“I think it should be standard-issue for every child at every school!”

“I absolutely love it!”

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