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Change habits with the MotivAider

The MotivAider is an ingeniously simple electronic device that enables people of all ages to stay focused and change behavior and habits quickly, easily and privately.

A new and improved mobile-friendly HabitChange.com


“This product is a work of genius. Really.”




“I've owned one of these puppies for more than ten years and it would be difficult to say how helpful it's been without sounding like an infomercial.”


“Easy to use right out of the box.”


”This is a great product. I have significantly more control of my moment-to-moment life with it.”


“I can't tell you how much benefit I have got over the years from the MotivAider device.”


“What a Godsend!”


“There is not another product that I'm aware of that allows users to manage their time and attention so well.”


“The MotvAider is a sublime tool.”


“I think it should be standard-issue for every child at every school!”


“This is by far the best customer service I have ever seen!”


“A work of genius.”


“It is simple and hugely effective.”


“Believe me, you will not be disappointed with this product.”


“I am one happy customer!”


“They surely take pride in what they do and it shows.”


“I have been using it for years to stay on track and remain focused.”


“It's an ingenious product that solves a big problem of how to cope with distractions in a wonderfully simple way.”


“It is an amazing device.”


“I would give it ten stars if I could.”


“I love it!”

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