The Method Behind the MotivAider Device

The MotivAider device works in conjunction with a simple and effective method for changing behavior and habits. The method, which makes ingenious use of what the mind does well to make up for what it does poorly, grew out of a series of keen insights into how the human mind really works.

How the MotivAider was invented

In the early 1980's, clinical psychologist, Dr. Steve Levinson, became obsessed with understanding why people — even when highly motivated — often fail to act in accord with their well-throught-out good intentions. He concluded that the problem was caused by the way the normal human mind treats good intentions. Instead of keeping our attention focused on our good intentions so that we have the greatest possible chance to act in accord with them, the mind, Levinson observed, simply allows good intentions — no matter how important they are — to sink to the bottom, where they have very little chance of actually influencing our behavior.

It occurred to Levinson that good intentions would be far more effective if only there was a way to keep them in the spotlight. So he set out to design a device that would allow its users to do just that, that is, to automatically keep their attention focused on virtually any good intention they choose. He called the ingeniously simple device he invented to make good intentions more effective an "Intention Arousing Device." Levinson's Intention Arousing Device was later dubbed the "MotivAider."

Why the mind needs a MotivAider

The Elegantly Simple Way the MotivAider Method Pulls It All Together

The MotivAider automatically keeps your attention focused so you can change behavior, change habits and achieve goals
  1. Assign a meaning or message to the MotivAider's signal.
    You assign a particular meaning or message to the MotivAider's unique private signal - a silent pulsing vibration that's designed to capture your attention without disrupting your normal activities.
  2. FEEL the vibration, THINK your message.
    The message calls your attention to the behavioral change you want to make or the goal you want to achieve. Whenever you feel the vibration, you'll think your message.
  3. You're in control!
    Simply by setting the MotivAider to send you signals - and therefore your message - as often as you choose, you control the amount of attention any chosen behavioral change or goal will get. You can therefore achieve an optimal level of attention - one that maximizes your ability to actually make the desired behavioral change or achieve the goal you've set.
Get the ingeniously simple tool that enables you to stay focused, stay motivated and quickly, easily and privately change your behavior and habits. At $59.50 or less, the MotivAider comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, a 3-year warranty and free lifetime expert support.
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