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We Have Some Bad News for MotivAider-Seekers

Due to extremely high demand combined with an unexpected delay in manufacturing, we currently have NO MotivAiders in stock and won't be able to resume full-scale production for at least several more weeks. In the meantime, we're taking heroic measures just to produce enough MotivAiders to fill only very small orders. If you're interested in purchasing one or two MotivAiders, you can order here. If you're looking for more than one or two, please check with us before ordering.

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MotivAider The MotivAider

Includes industrial battery and removable belt clip.

  • 1 for $59.50
  • 2-3 for $53.50 each
  • 4-9 for $50.50 each CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
  • 10 or more for $48.00 each CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE


Economy MotivAider The MotivAider


Economy MotivAiders are fully functional MotivAiders that come with the same three-year warranty and other benefits of premium MotivAiders, but because they fall short of the high standard we set for extremely quiet operation in all positions, we sell them at a lower price. Compared to premium MotivAiders, Economy MotivAiders produce more audible resonance when operated without being in contact with a user's body. However, users tell us that once an Economy MotivAider is clipped to their waistband or carried in their pocket, it is quiet enough for workplace or classroom use.

  • 1 for $47.50
  • 2-3 for $44.50 each
  • 4-9 for $42.00 each
  • 10 or more for 39.50 each

MotivAider Professional Starter Pack MotivAider Professional Starter Pack


A six-pack of premium MotivAiders at a special price. Includes a copy of Helping Kids Change Their Own Behavior: The Helper's Guide to the MotivAider Method.

  • Professional Starter Pack @ $288.00 each

Helping Kids Change Their Own Behavior: The Helper's Guide to the MotivAider Method

Concise guide for teachers, therapists and parents who are using the MotivAider to help children make behavioral changes.

Helping Kids Change Their Own Behavior @ $0.00

Check this box for a free copy with your order*


Due to recent changes in international postal rates and policies, adding even a small booklet can cause a precipitous increase in shipping charges. Therefore if your order is being shipped outside the U.S., rather than include a printed copy of Helping Kids Change, we will include instructions on how to view and download the guide.

Click here to view or download a free PDF version of The Helper's Guide now. Note: Link will open The Helper's Guide in a new browser window and this order form will remain intact.

Following Through: A Revolutionary New Model For Finishing Whatever You Start

Following Through


Written by Steve Levinson, Ph.D., Inventor of the MotivAider, & Peter Greider, M.Ed., Peak Performance Consultant
Paperback, 224 pages

First published in 1998, this pioneering work makes hamburger out of the self-improvement industry's most sacred cows. It reveals the startling reason why good intentions so often fizzle out; why knowledge and motivation are not enough. Following Through presents bold new strategies for following through in virtually every area of life. It gives readers a whole new way of understanding and treating their own good intentions.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that you'll be pleased with the MotivAider. If you're not fully satisfied, just return it within 30 days for a prompt and courteous refund (less shipping and handling). MotivAiders also come with a 3 year warranty and free lifetime support.

Fast Shipping

If your order is being shipped to an address anywhere in the U.S., you won't have to wait very long to get your MotivAider! We ship orders within two business days (usually sooner), and we ship orders for 1-6 MotivAiders by U.S. Priority Mail (2-3 business days delivery) at no extra charge.

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