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The MotivAider makes it easy to change behavior and habitsThe MotivAider is a powerful tool for changing behavior and habits. It makes it easy to get rid of unwanted old habits and build constructive new ones.

Introduced in 1987 and used worldwide in the fields of education, health care, sports, and business, the MotivAider has enabled thousands of people to stay focused, stay motivated and transform their good intentions into life-improving changes in behavior and habits.

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The MotivAider helps kids change their own behaviorIt's no wonder children often have so much trouble changing their own behavior. They may truly want to change troublesome habits that hamper learning and performance, threaten health, or interfere with socialization. But wanting to change is not enough. To actually change behavior, a child must be able to keep his or her attention focused on what to do and why to do it. Not an easy task for a young mind in a classroom — and a world — filled with distractions.

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Healthcare applications of the MotivAider Individuals: Learn How the MotivAider Can Help You improve health and fitness, eliminate unwanted habits, reduce stress , or stick to a diet or quit smoking.
Healthcare Professionals: Achieve Better Outcomes by Improving Treatment Adherence

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Athletes use the MotivAider to stay focused on performance goals

The MotivAider improves athletic performance by allowing athletes to control their own mental state. The MotivAider automatically keeps the athlete's attention focused on virtually any chosen performance objective or goal.

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Business applications of the MotivAider

Individuals: Learn how the MotivAider can keep you focused on achieving your career goals
Employers and HR Professionals: Are you buying more training when what you really need is more follow through?

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Personal Improvement

Achieve personal goals with the MotivAider

The MotivAider is a powerful, versatile personal improvement tool. The MotivAider automatically keeps your mind focused on making virutally any improvement in behavior and habits you choose.

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