The MotivAider in Healthcare

Healthcare Professionals: Achieve Better Outcomes by Improving Treatment Adherence

Let's face it, your patients and clients can only benefit from your expert advice if they they actually follow it. The problem is, even your most motivated patients may do a lousy job of behaving in accord with your advice. Although they may truly intend to do the right thing, just having good intentions isn't good enough. That's because, as you've probably noticed, good intentions often get lost in the shuffle. And when that happens, your advice—no matter how helpful it could have been—simply goes to waste.

So, imagine this: What if you could go home with your patients and be with them all the time to remind them what to do and why? Imagine how much better they'd do at following your advice.

Well, in a sense, the MotivAider lets you go home with your patients. It allows you to give your patients a tangible way to stay focused on your advice and on their own motivation to do well by following it.

The MotivAider Makes It Easy to Achieve Better Outcomes

The Bottom Line

The MotivAider is a simple, tangible, inexpensive way to see to it that your patients get better results from the work you do on their behalf.

Get the ingeniously simple tool that quickly, easily and privately changes behavior and habits. At $59.50 or less, the MotivAider comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, a 3 year warranty and free lifetime expert support.
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The MotivAider can help patients benefit more from your expertise

"As a physical therapist & orthopedic specialist, my outcomes are totally contingent on patient compliance. The MotivAider is the most effective tool I've found for achieving more consistent, successful outcomes. It not only helps my patients, it contributes to my reputation for excellence and effectiveness in my field."

— Jeff Turner, PT, CMDT, Headache Institute of Texas

"The MotivAider is an essential tool for treating anxiety disorders. I use it with almost all of my anxiety clients with excellent results. The simplicity of the MotivAider is exquisite and the results are typically profound and long lasting. I enthusiastically endorse this product."

— Brian Campbell, Ph.D., Psychologist, Lake Mary, FL