A Versatile Tool for Behavior Change Professionals

The MotivAider is a remarkable simple electronic device that's designed to automatically keep its user's attention focused on virtually any chosen behavioral objective.

Invented by a clinical psychologist, the MotivAider capitalizes on the observation that individuals who intend to engage in specific behavior are more likely to actually engage in that behavior if their attention is directed frequently to their intention and/or to personal motives that support it.

The MotivAider repeatedly captures and directs a user's attention to a chosen behavioral objective, and it does so privately and automatically without disrupting normal activities and without requiring any ongoing input from the user.

Although the device is used primarily to facilitate behavior change by repeatedly prompting the user to engage in desired new behavior, the MotivAider can also be used to facilitate behavior monitoring/observation and to dependably prompt helpers to implement beneficial interventions.

Designed From Scratch To Change Behavior

The MotivAider is not an adaptation of a product that was designed for another purpose. It was designed from scratch to do a particular job and do it well. What's more, it's been continuously improved over the course of over twenty five years of use worldwide in the fields of healthcare, education, business and sports.

The MotivAider looks like a pager and weighs less than three ounces (including the long-life AA industrial battery). The device can be clipped on a user's belt or waistband or carried in a pocket. Once it is programmed, the MotivAider works completely automatically. All settings are automatically saved when the device is not operating and re-applied when the MotivAider is placed back in service. To prevent users from accidentally changing settings while the device is operating, the MotivAider's control buttons are automatically disabled.

The MotivAider uses a unique silent pulsing vibration signal to capture and direct the user's attention. The result of painstaking testing, the MotivAider's signal bears little resemblance to the "tinny" and audible vibration signals produced by most pagers and popular timing devices. The quality of the MotivAider's signal serves to minimize habituation without also disrupting normal activities. Both the intensity and the duration of the signal can be adjusted electronically to ensure maximum effectiveness for each user.

How the MotivAider Works

Here's how the MotivAider is used to facilitate behavior change:

  1. A brief personal message is devised — a word, phrase or image — that instructs and/or motivates the user to engage in a chosen desired behavior.
  2. The user associates the message with the MotivAider's vibration so that whenever the user senses the vibration, his/her attention is directed to the message (and therefore to the behavioral objective) associated with the vibration signal.
  3. The desired length of the interval between signals is entered. Intervals can be entered in either seconds or in minutes and hours. The MotivAider is capable of delivering signals at regular intervals ranging from 2 seconds to 23 hours and 59 minutes. The new MotivAider can also be programmed to send signals at random intervals up to a specified value. The between-signals interval can be easily adjusted to achieve a signal delivery schedule that's optimal for any given user and purpose.

A Useful Tool for Research

"The MotivAider makes my work so much easier and more efficient... It is a useful instrument for behavior analytic research, which requires rigorous treatment implementation for experimental control purposes. It can also facilitate data collection for interobserver agreement. I think it is especially helpful when taking data using time sampling procedures, such as momentary time sampling."

--Mirela Cengher, Behavioral Consultant, Attentive Behavior Care, Greater New York area.

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Pricing and Support

MotivAiders sell for $59.50 or less—much less in quantity. Behavior change professionals may qualify for wholesale pricing if they are purchasing MotivAiders for clinical, research or teaching purposes.

The MotivAider is covered by a three-year warranty, and Behavioral Dynamics, Inc. provides free lifetime support.

If you would like to evaluate a MotivAider before ordering a larger quantity, you are welcome to purchase a single MotivAider at a substantial discount. Please call us at 1-218-681-6033, or email us, and we will provide you with a special discount code you can use to order online.

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