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Following Through

Achieve your goals with Following Through from Behavioral Dynamics

Following Through: A Revolutionary New Model for Finishing Whatever You StartWritten by Steve Levinson, Ph.D. , Inventor of the MotivAider, & Peter Greider, M.Ed., Peak Performance Consultant.

About The Book

First published in 1998, this pioneering work makes hamburger out of the self-improvement industry's most sacred cows. It reveals the startling reason why good intentions so often fizzle out; why knowledge and motivation are not enough. Following Through presents bold new strategies for following through in virtually every area of life. It gives readers a whole new way of understanding and treating their own good intentions.

This is very profound work that you have accomplished and I found myself laughing, nodding, getting excited and coming in for a landing with a sobering pause. For as you say, "Adopting Intentions is Serious Business". This is not a book about "gimmicks". I felt like I was reading a hidden chapter in the owner's manual for my brain. Affirming, liberating, powerful."
Brenda Morris
Organization and Productivity Specialist

... I continue to move forward with your ideas and their implications ...
... Whenever I hear someone apologize for something they haven’t done, with all the “should”’s, implied sinfulness, assumptions that somewhere, other GOOD people WERE getting this thing done, and promises to reform, I have this deep desire to shake them and say, “Did it ever occur to you that you’re not going to change? And that maybe the change needs to be in either the task, or the way you go about getting yourself to do it?”
You, instead of shaking them, have written a book, which is far more helpful. And your analysis of the nature of the problem has helped me do a much better job of designing solutions.

Jennifer Rosen
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Get free guided help in developing a personal follow through plan. Based on the ideas in Following Through, this online tutorial will show you how to develop a plan for following through on any chosen intention. (Page opens in a new window)
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Excerpt From Chapter 1 - Poor Follow Through: It's No Laughing Matter

...We uncovered a fundamental truth about the human mind - a basic fact that's ignored by the myriad of self-improvement experts and programs that invite us in, excite our hopes, and then leave us flat. We found out why we humans so often get nothing but disappointment in return for the sizable investment we make in self-improvement; why we so often allow our very best goals and plans to get lost in the shuffle and fade away; why we always seem to have more wisdom than we use.

We learned that, contrary to conventional wisdom, poor follow through is not caused primarily by a lack of willpower, insufficient motivation, low self-esteem, fear of success, or deep, dark character defects. We learned that poor follow through is not our fault! It's caused, amazingly, by the paradoxical way the human mind is designed.

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Kudos for Following Through

"Finally, a book about improving performance that doesn't sugarcoat the truth. It not only calls a spade a spade, it shows you how to actually use the spade to dig in and get the job done."

James J. Nemec, CLU, ChFC
VP, Agency Development
Northwestern Mutual Life

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