Achieve your goals with Following Through from Behavioral Dynamics

Kudos From Readers

"Finally, a book about improving performance that doesn't sugarcoat the truth. It not only calls a spade a spade, it shows you how to actually use the spade to dig in and get the job done."

James J. Nemec, CLU, ChFC
VP, Agency Development
Northwestern Mutual Life

"Required reading for my entire sales force! Full of original concepts and practical techniques for taking control of your personal destiny."

Harry P. Hoopis
Hoopis Financial Services

"Talk about practical advice! No motivational mumbo-jumbo here. Cuts right to the bottom line on how to be successful."

Richard E. McAllaster
McAllaster & Associates

"A 'must read' for anyone who's fighting the good fight to lose weight, quit smoking, or improve performance in anyway."

C. Wayne Mitchell
Productive Presentations

"Eye-opening . . . takes you on a creative and compelling journey and leaves you with a new understanding of how to achieve success."

John W.Cruikshank, III, CLU
1996-97 President
Million Dollar Round Table

"The quintessential book about how to get it done."

Brian Early
Executive Director of Development
Chicago Office,
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company

"Provides the critical missing link between setting a personal goal and actually achieving it."

Mark Larson
CEO, Digi-Key Corporation

"Truly a pioneering work . . . filled with fascinating insights and ingenious solutions to a problem that frustrates us all."

Ronald Young, M.D.

"As a consultant to global leaders in high tech, healthcare, and financial services, I see the problem of poor follow through rob my clients of success every day. Fresh, clear, and powerful, this book is jam-packed with exciting new solutions to an age-old problem."

Gil Williams
Rheault-Williams Consulting

"Highly innovative, yet practical...The authors deliver a milestone among self-help books, offering indispensable reading for those cultivating positive, lasting changes in their lives."

Ray Mulry, Ph.D.
Author, In the Zone: Making Winning Moments Your Way of Life

"Provocative and ought to be read and considered by anyone serious about continuing self-improvement."

Dan S. Kennedy, President
Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation

"It's the one book that's been missing from the self-help bookshelf. And it may be the last self-help book you'll ever need."

Peter Vandermark
Associate Professor of Journalism
Boston University

"Creative and practical solutions for important everyday problems ... revealed with wit, wisdom, and warmth."

John Tyler, Ph.D.
CEO, Human Resources Consultants

"If you have a dream in your heart and this book in your hand, start reading. Each page of this book will take you one step closer to having your dream come true. I guarantee it."

Rob Gilbert, Ph.D.
Editor, Bits & Pieces Magazine

"Empowering! Had an immediate impact on my work as a consultant."

Chuck Phillips
Senior Consultant
Reddy-Phillips Consultants

"Following Through will empower you to do more with your life than you ever thought possible."

Joan Brock, Author
More Than Meets the Eye
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