The MotivAider in Business

Individuals: Learn How the MotivAider Can Keep You Focused On Achieving Your Career Goals

Employers and HR Professionals: Wish You Could Get a Better Return On Your Investment in Training?

Use the MotivAider to get better results from your training programs Close your eyes. Now let your imagination run wild: What if you could count on training to rapidly produce tangible and LASTING—we repeat, LASTING—improvements in job performance? What if you could increase the real value of training by improving your employees' ability to stay focused and follow through? What if you could give your motivated employees a simple but powerful tool they can use on their own to achieve success for themselves and your business?

Okay, now open your eyes and return to reality.

How Many Times Have You Seen It Happen?

Participants emerge from a training program or conference energized. They can't wait to apply what they've learned. They have nothing but praise for the training they've received. They're excited. They're motivated. But soon after they return to work, their excitement begins to fade. Their good intentions get lost in the shuffle. And before long, the potential for performance-improving change becomes a casualty of a busy workplace, a busy world, and a mind that can't stay focused on change.

Why Even the Best Training Often Produces Lousy Results

Just because employees learn exciting new ways to improve their performance doesn't mean they'll actually change their behavior. In case you haven't noticed, motivation isn't enough. No matter how motivated employees are to do their jobs better—no matter how good their intentions may be—it's not easy for them to change their behavior. Why? Because it's just so easy—heck, it's automatic!—to continue doing things the old way.

Relying on old established habits requires very little attention. On the other hand, creating new habits requires a great deal of attention.

Yes, without attention, change doesn't happen.

To create a new habit, employees must be able to keep their attention focused on doing things the new way until doing things the new way starts to become automatic. The problem is, despite its awesome capabilities, the human mind actually has no effective built-in mechanism for keeping attention focused on making desired behavioral changes. So no matter how motivated employees may be, they're likely to keep on doing things the old way unless they're CONSISTENTLY reminded to do things the new way.

"Control of attention is the ultimate individual power. "

— David Brooks, Columnist, New York Times

MotivAider to the Rescue!

Use the MotivAider to improve workplace training

The MotivAider virtually guarantees that employees will remember to do things the new way. By automatically prompting them to do things the new way so that doing things the new way will quickly become habit, the MotivAider enables employees to quickly transform what they learn into tangible, durable improvements in work performance.

It's Easy, Versatile and It Gets the Job Done

The MotivAider is incredibly easy to use. Employees simply clip the pager-like device to their waistband or slip it in a pocket. It works automatically and privately. It uses an adjustable self-repeating silent signal—a pulsing vibration—to communicate with the employee in a way that's as private as a thought.

The MotivAider will work in conjunction with any type of training. As a powerful tool for transforming any chosen good intention into action, it can help employees turn learning from virtually any training program into new performance-improving behavior in the workplace.

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Get the ingeniously simple tool that quickly, easily and privately changes behavior and habits. At $59.50 or less, the MotivAider comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, a 3-year warranty and free lifetime expert support.
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"I can say with no reservations, (the MotivAider) is the most unique and useful behavioral change instrument I have encountered in 25 years of training experience."

— Ray Mulry, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and Principal, American Network Services

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