How To Create Effective MotivAider Messages

The Purpose of the Message

It's the message you assign to the MotivAider's vibration that transforms a device that counts and shakes into a powerful tool for changing habits. Learning how to devise more effective messages will help you get better results.

A MotivAider message can be a word, a catchy phrase, a short sentence, or even an image. Puns, sayings, and jingles make good messages. And because MotivAider messages are personal and private, they needn't make any sense to anyone but you.

The purpose of a MotivAider message is to get you ready, willing and able to take a specific action that will help you achieve a desired goal. The purpose of the MotivAider is to see to it that you stay aware enough of that message so that taking the required action becomes a habit and you actually achieve your goal.

How to Get Started

The best way to start creating an effective MotivAider message is to begin by asking yourself these questions:

If it's enough to simply be reminded of the action you intend to take, devising a message is pretty straightforward. If you intend to relax your jaw, for example, your message could simply be Relax my Jaw.

Messages that Overcome Resistance

Whenever you feel any resistance to taking the action you've decided you should take, the message has a much bigger job to do. It needs to call your attention to a powerful personal reason for you to overcome the resistance. The message, in other words, needs to remind you—in a way that you can really feel—why it's worth the trouble to take the action.

One of our favorite MotivAider messages was used by a woman who realized that slowing her rate of eating was the key to controlling her weight. Her message was Haste makes waist! ("Waist" is not misspelled.)

The right motivating message can be extremely powerful. Here's an example from the MotivAider's inventor himself:

"Soon after I invented the MotivAider, I realized that I would have to invest tons of time, energy and money to have even a sliver of a chance of turning my idea into a real product that could actually benefit lots of people. As I was fretting about how I could possibly get myself to do all the difficult things I would need to do knowing full well that the probability of success was extremely low, I came across a magazine article that mentioned Cheetahs.

Cheetahs, according to the article, catch only 1 out of 10 gazelles they chase. But the very reason they catch any gazelles at all is that they ignore the odds against them! In other words, they always run as if they're going to catch dinner.

Although I was hardly Cheetah-like by nature, the story really clicked for me. I went ahead and assigned the message "Cheetah" to my first homemade MotivAider. Every time the MotivAider vibrated, it reminded me - it made me feel - that I had to put my all into this project. Soon, instead of wasting my time, for example, thinking about whether it might be worthwhile to call so-and-so to see if he could possibly do such-and-such, I just called. And I kept on calling. And before long, with Cheetah going through my mind all the time, I became a lean mean success machine! I made a habit of ignoring the odds against me, and in doing so, I tilted the odds decidedly in my favor."

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