Harnessing the Power of Focused Attention

Attention is the holy grail. Everything that you're conscious of, everything you let in, everything you remember and you forget, depends on it.

— Dr. David Strayer, Professor of Psychology, University of Utah

Experts agree that focused attention is a powerful ingredient in the recipe for personal effectiveness. Human history is filled with the inspiring achievements of people who were able to maintain a laser-sharp focus on their goals.

When we bathe our priorities and intentions in attention, we empower them — we allow what matters most to us to drive what we do, think and feel. By the same token, when we fail to keep our attention focused on our priorities and intentions, we deprive ourselves of their positive influence. We stray from what matters most, and we suffer the consequences.

You Are What You Pay Attention To: A Cherokee Legend

An old Cherokee Indian is teaching his grandson about life.

A battle is going on inside each of us, he tells his grandson. It is a terrible fight between two strong wolves. One wolf is evil. The other is good.

The grandson thinks about this for a minute, then he asks his grandfather, Which wolf wins?

The wise old Cherokee answers,the one you feed.

Controlling your attention is easier said than done

To make full use of your potential to achieve virtually any goal, you must be the master of your own attention. It's not enough to simply put your attention where you want it. You have to be able to keep it there until the job is done.

But just in case you haven't noticed, controlling your own attention is a lot harder than it seems. That's because the human mind is — to put it gently — a little mixed up. Despite its awesome ability to use focused attention as a powerful catalyst to transform goals into achievements, the mind is stuck with some awfully primitive leftover wiring that makes us far too easily distracted by things that don't really matter.

Of course, we try to keep our attention focused on what matters most to us. But the truth is, our attention generally goes to the wolf that's howling the loudest right now — not to the one that most deserves our attention. As a result, we waste much of the potential that our priorities, intentions and goals have to enrich our lives.

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The MotivAider lets you harness the power of focused attention.

"Control of attention is the ultimate individual power."

— David Brooks, Columnist, New York Times

"I was skeptical at first, but the MotivAider is amazing! It actually places you at the controls of your own inner voice."

— Bruce Perrin, Computer Programmer