The Unique Vibration Signal That Makes a MotivAider a MotivAider

We admit it: When it comes to getting the quality of the MotivAider's vibration signal just right, we're fanatics.

The reason we've invested so much time, effort and money in getting the signal just right is that the vibration has to do an extremely important job. It has to effectively convey whatever specific meaning the user chooses to assign to it. It not only has to come to mean exactly whatever the user decides it should mean, it has to communicate that meaning almost automatically and without effort.

If you try a MotivAider, you'll notice right away that the vibration it produces isn't at all like the vibration produced by your smartphone. Instead of sounding like a mosquito looking for a mate, the MotivAider is inaudible when it's in use. And instead of the thin and shallow feel of a smartphone's vibration alert, the MotivAider produces an adjustable pulsing "high wobble" vibration signal that feels, as one user described it, "as if it's coming from within."

To get the vibration just right, we do lots and lots of tweaking based on candid feedback from MotivAider users all over the world.

Getting the signal to feel right while also making sure that the MotivAider is as quiet as possible when it's in use is quite a technical challenge, and for nearly thirty years and still counting, we've been on a quest to achieve perfection. It's way harder than you may think to produce the kind of "high wobble" vibration we insist on without also producing sound we don't want. In addition to setting extremely unforgiving manufacturing tolerances that are costly to implement, we are continuously looking for ways to get even closer to our objective of truly silent operation.

When you use the MotivAider, you'll benefit from vibration signal that's been painstakingly optimized for effectiveness. Although you might hear a slight rumbling sound from a vibrating MotivAider before it's actually in use, once you clip it to your waitband or belt, carry it in your pocket, or use in any other way that keeps it firmly in contact with your body, you'll feel your MotivAider without also hearing it.

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About the MotivAider's unique vibration signal