How Much is a MotivAider Worth?

How much a MotivAider is worth depends on how you define value. Do you define value in terms of what a product does, or do you define value in terms of what a product does for you?

People who define value strictly in terms of what a product does will compare the MotivAider to (1) similarly-priced mass-marketed electronic devices that have much sexier features or (2) cheaper general purpose timers. Either way, the MotivAider will lose.

On the other hand, if you define value in terms of what a product can actually do for you, you'll consider the MotivAider to be a steal.

As one MotivAider user put it, I would gladly have paid many times the selling price to get rid of just one troublesome old habit. The MotivAider gave me the ability to get rid of lots of them and also to create useful new habits at will.

Of course, regardless of how much the MotivAider will do for you, you want to know that the price you're paying is fair and reasonable.

The truth is, if you decide to purchase a MotivAider, you aren't just purchasing a device. You're purchasing the means to make desired changes in your own behavior and habits. Although we'd sell MotivAiders for less if we could, our prices realitistically reflect what it costs us to make it possible for you to achieve your behavior change goals.

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The MotivAider makes changing habits easy

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